Terms and Conditions

By proceeding you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions relating to the use of iseekgolf Tee times technology as a Publisher.

1.   Definitions

1.1   ISG means the iseekgolf.com web domain, Teetimes Manager and other associated technologies used to sell and promote Teetimes and other products and services and designed constructed and maintained by Micropower Solutions Ltd, and which offers the facility to book tee times online to the public.

1.2   Widget means the Teetimes Publisher Widget and refers to the technology made available by iseekgolf for the deployment of Teetimes on a third party web site or mobile application (App).

1.3   Tee Times are available public Tee Times made available through ISG or the Widget by Teetimes suppliers.

1.4   Suppliers are Golf Clubs or other organisations that enter an agreement with iseekgolf to make Teetimes available to the Public via ISG or the Widget.

1.5   Advertised Price is the displayed price of a Public Tee Time made available via the ISG or the Widget and is inclusive of the GST.

1.6   Player means a person(s) who books a Tee Time(s) or purchase other product(s) or service(s) through the ISG website or Widget.

1.7   Customer means customer(s) who books a Tee Time(s) or purchase other product(s) or service(s) through the ISG website or Widget.

1.8   Commission is a rate agreed between the parties and is a either a percentage of the Advertised Price or a flat fee agreed between the parties from time to time for products or services sold via ISG.

1.9   Supplier is the Organisation, Club or Golf Course that supplies the Product or services.

1.10   Publisher is you, the Distributor, a third party who is entering into this agreement to sell Tee times using iseekgolf technologies.

1.11   Agreement means this Agreement, as amended or supplemented from time to time at the discretion of iseekgolf.

2.   Representations and Warranties

2.1   iseekgolf does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted, or secure access to services, as the operation of the web site or other technologies may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of our control. iseekgolf does, however, endeavor to provide continuous access to the ISG technologies where possible.

2.2   By accepting these terms and conditions you are warranting that you are over 18 years of age and are legally authorised to enter into this agreement as a Publisher.

3.   Indemnities and Releases

3.1   The Publisher indemnifies iseekgolf against liability or loss arising from, and costs incurred in connection with, damage, loss, injury or death to any third party caused or contributed to by the Supplier’s act, neglect or default, or the act, neglect or default of the Supplier’s servants and agents;

3.2   The Publisher releases iseekgolf from, and agrees that iseekgolf is not liable for:

•   Damage, loss or injury arising from, and cost incurred in connection with, the use of the iseekgolf technology.

•   Damage, loss or injury incurred in connection with iseekgolf being interrupted, unavailable or not working properly, however caused.

4.   Bookings and Payments

4.1   You the Publisher hereby agree to enter into an agency relationship with iseekgolf, with the Supplier as the principal supplier and iseekgolf as your agent.

4.2   Iseekgolf will accept bookings or sales from players and customers at the Advertised price as a reseller and will provide a tax invoice to the player.

4.3   The Supplier has agreed to provide Public Tee Times in accordance with the Tee Time data for each booking as notified by us after a booking is made.

4.4   Iseekgolf will pay a commission to you the Publisher for any sales made through the iseekgolf Tee time technology ‘widget’.

4.5   Payments to you the Publisher will be made monthly within 31 days of the Tee Time being played.

4.6   Iseekgolf shall remit payment to the Publisher’s nominated bank account via electronic transfer.

4.7   If a player fails to register in accordance with the booking, we will remit payment to you in accordance with the cancellation policy.

4.8   Merchant fees and transaction fees are the responsibility of iseekgolf.

4.9   The Publisher will be responsible for remitting any GST payable on rounds booked via iseekgolf to the ATO.

5.   Player Cancellations and Refund Policy

Players purchasing a Tee Time through iseekgolf.com will only be offered a full refund, if cancellation is made not less than two days prior to the scheduled tee time that the game was to be played.

In the event of poor weather or compassionate grounds, all refunds will be at the discretion of the respective golf club or Supplier.

Any refunds required to be made, as a result of the above, will be managed by iseekgolf.com.

6.   Information and Intellectual Property Rights

6.1   You acknowledge that iseekgolf own all rights, title and interests to the ISG site, booking technology and the iseekgolf brand, and that you will not acquire, nor will there be any passing of any right, title or interest in iseekgolf to the Supplier, and that all of the software used for ISG is subject to copyright.

7.   Teetimes Publisher Widget (Widget)

7.1   Where the Publisher is also a Supplier of Tee times (for example a Golf Club);

The Publisher by installing the Widget on its own website or on its Mobile Application, agrees to pay iseekgolf a commission on sales made through the Widget on its own site at the rate specified in

Section 8. Commissions Payable, as payment for use of the iseekgolf technologies.

7.2   The Publisher accepts that as a Supplier, its Tee times may appear for sale through the widget on a third party web site.

8.   Commissions Payable

8.1   The Commission rate payable by iseekgolf to the Publisher for Tee times sales made through the Widget on the Publisher’s own website or Mobile App is agreed to be 5% of the advertised price.

8.2   Where the Publisher is also a Golf Club (Supplier of Tee times), then commission is payable to iseekgolf. The Commission rate payable to iseekgolf by the Publisher / Supplier for Tee times sales through the Publishing Widget on the Publisher’s website or Mobile App or through the Publishing Widget installed on a website or App belonging to an entity that is related to the Publisher is agreed to be 3% of the advertised price, unless 8.3 is applicable.

8.3   Where the Publisher is also a Golf Club (Supplier of Tee times) but does not provide Tee Times inventory for sale on iseekgolf’s own website, each and every week then the Commission rate payable to iseekgolf for Tee times sales made through the Publishing Widget on the Publisher own website or Mobile App or through the Publishing Widget installed on a website or App belonging to an entity that is related to the Publisher is agreed to be 5% of the advertised price.

8.4   Its acknowledged that iseekgolf may vary the commission rate payable by or too the Publisher on thirty days’ notice.

9.   Termination

9.1   Either party may terminate this agreement by giving one (1) months’ notice in writing to the other party. On expiry of termination of notice, this agreement shall terminate and any reference to Tee Times dealing with the Publisher will be removed from iseekgolf.com.

9.2   The Publisher acknowledges that:

•   they have no claim for compensation or otherwise from iseekgolf if the agreement is terminated under this clause 9.

•   All bookings made up to and including the date of termination (i.e. expiry of the notice period), will be honored.